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NMEA 2000 panel connector, male, with pigtails

NMEA 2000 panel connector, male, with pigtails

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A NMEA 2000 compatible Micro-C style panel connector, with pigtail wires - no soldering required! This connector is useful when you want to place a product such as an SH-ESP32 or an SH-RPi in an enclosure with easy-to-use NMEA 2000 connector.

This is how you would normally use the connector:

  1. Drill a 16 mm hole in an enclosure (conical drill bits are great for this)
  2. Optionally, cut the pigtails to length
  3. Strip the wire ends
  4. Screw the wires on a terminal block connector, following the pinout on the PCB:
    • Black to GND
    • Red to 12V
    • White to H
    • Blue to L
  5. Insert the connector into the hole and tighten the nut.

Front mount (panel nut outside the enclosure). This makes it easier to achieve a watertight seal, and fitting a spanner is straightforward.


    • Ingress Protection: IP67
    • Pigtail wire length: 20 cm (8 in)
    • Panel hole diameter: 16 mm
    • Wire gauges:
      • Black and red: 22 AWG
      • White and Blue: 24 AWG

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