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SH-ESP32 Engine Top Hat

SH-ESP32 Engine Top Hat

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SH-ESP32 Engine Top Hat (Engine Hat) is an add-on board for the SH-ESP32 for reading marine engine sensor data into the boat's Signal K or NMEA 2000 network.


The Engine Hat allows you to measure common engine outputs:

  • Tachometer (RPM) senders, either using dedicated tach senders or alternator W terminals

  • Digital inputs such as engine alarms

  • Tank senders

  • Other resistive senders such as oil pressure senders with a resistance range of 0-300 ohm

It includes the following inputs:

  • Four analog input sensors, usable either as 0-29V voltage inputs, or as 0-300 ohm resistance sensor input.

  • Four digital input sensors, usable as alarm inputs or as frequency counters, suitable for tachometer signal inputs or fuel flow sensors. The voltage range is -30-30V, with a threshold level at 1.65V.


Example software is available at


For documentation, see the documentation website at The hardware design is available at the GitHub repository.


This is a developer device and does not come with any useful software pre-installed. Hat Labs cannot provide support for writing programs for the device. For development questions and discussion, please join to the discussion forum or the Signal K development Slack (#sensors channel).
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