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Sailor Hat for Raspberry Pi (SH-RPi)

Sailor Hat for Raspberry Pi (SH-RPi)

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NOTE: Due to component availability issues caused by the global semiconductor shortage, most of the integrated circuits used in the manufacture of  Sailor Hat for Raspberry Pi are impossible to get. Hence, the SH-RPi devices are indefinitely out of stock. This situation may last well into 2022.

If a real-time clock is essential for your use case, we recommend getting a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 board and Waveshare's CM-IO-Base-B board ( That includes an RTC chip, and additionally, you'll get an eMMC mass memory instead of the Micro SD cards. eMMC is much faster and more reliable than Micro SD cards, so you'll fix two issues at once. The CM-IO-Base-B board is fully compatible with SH-RPi.

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