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SH-RPi Medium Weatherproof Enclosure (170x140x100 mm)

SH-RPi Medium Weatherproof Enclosure (170x140x100 mm)

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Experience the perfect blend of versatility and protection with our medium-sized weatherproof enclosure, designed to house your Raspberry Pi and SH-RPi. This enclosure offers convenience and adaptability, with pre-drilled holes and customizable mounting options.

  • Ideal for mobile, marine, or outdoors server installations
  • External dimensions: 170x140x100 mm (6.69x5.51x3.94 inches)
  • Weight: 498 g (1.1 lbs)
  • Durable ABS material with a transparent polycarbonate lid
  • Stylish black color
  • IP65 ingress protection rating
  • Wall-mountable using 4 mm (0.16 inch) screws
  • Pre-drilled holes for various panel connectors:
    • 2 * 21 mm (0.83 inch) for USB and Ethernet
    • 1 * 16 mm (0.63 inch) for NMEA 2000
    • 3 * 13 mm (0.51 inch) for power & data using SP13
    • 2 * 6.5 mm (0.26 inch) for WiFi and GPS antenna SMA connectors
  • Holes pre-plugged with silicone rubber plugs or cable glands with custom plugs
  • Versatile perforated base plate for easy mounting
  • Custom vertical mounts for Raspberry Pi and up to four add-on boards

Choose this medium-sized weatherproof enclosure to protect your Raspberry Pi and SH-RPi while ensuring the perfect balance between adaptability and functionality.

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