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HALPI-S-CM4 Boat Computer

HALPI-S-CM4 Boat Computer

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HALPI is a pre-built, fully functional boat computer running a custom OpenPlotter 4 installation with pre-configured NMEA 2000 and other settings. It includes pre-configured Signal K server, OpenCPN and other essential open navigation software. Additional packages such as AvNav, InfluxDB and Grafana can be easily installed.

HALPI can be used as a marine plotter platform, a data acquisition and visualization device, a boat automation and control platform, a boat WiFi access point and router, or a million other use cases--it is a generic boat computer, after all!


As embedded computers go, HALPI packs a punch. With the same four-core CPU as in the Raspberry Pi 4B, 8 GB of memory and a 512 GB SSD drive, it has plenty of power and room for any use case you might have.

Thanks to the inclusion of a SH-RPi power management board, HALPI integrates perfectly to your boat electronics. You can power it via the NMEA 2000 network and it is guaranteed to not consume more than 0.8 A of current. Alternatively, it can be powered through a dedicated power connector, providing full isolation towards the NMEA 2000 network. And in either case, HALPI will safely shut itself down when the power is cut, allowing it to be turned on and off using a standard electrical panel switch without risking SSD disk corruption. 

HALPI-S-CM4 includes the same hardware as HALPI-M-CM4 but in a more compact form factor. No additional HATs can be fitted. HALPI-S-CM4 includes a single NMEA 2000 connector. One additional connector can be fitted.

The Compact enclosure measures 158x90x60 mm and provides an IP65 ingress protection rating. Your electronics won't die on you even if a portlight or a deck fitting would spring a leak!

HALPI-S-CM4 is housed in a plastic enclosure with a transparent lid. The material allows complete weatherproofness, great penetration of WiFi and Bluetooth signals, and easy observation of the enclosure internals. Despite the small size, thermal performance is sufficient for all regions and conditions. Under our informal testing in an ambient room temperature of 22°C, the enclosure temperature reached 43°C while the CPU remained at 55°C. The fan was not running. In an elevated ambient temperature of 39°C under a CPU stress test (all four cores at 100% load), the enclosure internal temperature rose to 58°C, with a CPU core temperature of 68°C. The fan was running at this point. Even in these conditions, there was ample margin to the 80°C CPU temperature, at which point the device would start throttling its CPU clock frequency.


HALPI-S-CM4 includes the following components:

Ordering Instructions

HALPI-S-CM4 computers are made to order and the lead time before shipping can be up to 7-14 days. 

The default configuration includes an NMEA 2000 connector. Due to enclosure size limitations, no additional HATs can be added. If you need additional room, select the HALPI-M-CM4 instead.

The compact enclosure can take one additional panel connector. If you want one, select one of these:

If you are unsure about what to get, contact us for advice at!

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